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Improve Vehicle Performance With Our Exhaust Services

Your exhaust system is a vital part of your vehicle and the muffler plays a huge part in the functioning of your vehicle. Rough roads and rust can cause many problems for your muffler.

Let us optimize your muffler and exhaust system for better fuel consumption and a safer environment.

Eliminate Leaks in Your Muffler or Exhaust System

One reason for losing power from your engine is a leaking exhaust system. The more leaks appearing in your exhaust, the more inefficient your engine becomes. This may also be a health hazard for the occupants of the car since the fumes leaking from the exhaust can leak inside and be inhaled by the passengers and driver. Make sure your muffler and exhaust system is leak-free and optimized by our certified technicians.

Customized Exhaust System

Are you looking for a custom exhaust system with the sound of power? Give Thrifty Auto Repair a call today and discuss the wide range of exhaust options for your ride. Your vehicle will stand out from the crowd!
Get a FREE estimate on you muffler and exhaust system. Call us today! 
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We do custom exhaust system!
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